Steve Reich In The Afternoon

Ecclectic playlists and mixes curated by Ffrancon, Lazy Player and occasional random guests. Rhestrau gwrando a cymysgiadau wedi’u curadu gan Ffrancon, Lazy Player a gwestai eraill o bryd i bryd.

Sioe/Show 11: Climate Mix, by/gan Cahn Ingold Prelog

Sioe/Show 11: Climate Mix, gan/by Cahn Ingold Prelog

Sioe/Show 10: Blwyddynewydda
Sioe/Show 9: Messiaen Link, gan/by Plyci
Sioe/Show 8: Top Trumps
Sioe/Show 7: Hydrefol/Autumnal
Sioe/Show 6: A Funk and Soul Mix
Sioe/Show 5: As Cold As Ice
Sioe/Show 4: Blade Runner Alternative Soundtrack
Sioe/Show 3: Black Lives (Still) Matter
Sioe/Show 2: Ennio Morricone
Sioe/Show 1: Fried Reich

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