Steve Reich In The Afternoon 7


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Steve Hauschildt – Time We Have
Steve used to be in Emeralds, the critically revered US electronic band (I loved their 2010 album of mindbending minimal electronic drone ‘Does It Look Like I’m Here?’ on Editions Mego). This is off his 2016 album ‘Strands’ on Kranky, and it’s fandabeedozee #dadjoke

Billie Holiday – Autumn In New York
Written in 1934 by Vernon Duke aka Vladimir Dukelsky and covered soooo many times, including in 1954 by Billie Holiday accompanied by Oscar Peterson. As always, Billie owns the song. You can feel the leaves turning red and falling as she sings it, the ‘bruised optimism’ (Timeout) of the song suiting her perfectly.

Joseph Shabason – I Thought I Could Get Away with It
Described as an ‘ambient saxophone genius’, this is off his album ‘Anne’ which is named after his mother who has Parkinsons, and includes audio clips from interviews with his mother. How about that for a concept album.

Roberto Musci – Claudia, Wilhelm R And Me
While studying guitar and saxophone in his hometown of Milan, Musci developed a deep fascination for non-western music and set out to travel across India, Asia and Africa, which he would do extensively between 1974-1985.

Mary Lattimore – Hello From the Edge of the Earth
Lattimore plays harp and effects, to beautiful effect as witnessed here – weirdly, this brings to mind Aphex Twin’s Ambient Works II. She’s played with Thurston Moore, Kurt Vile and others, and has released stuff on labels like Thrill Jockey and Ghostly International.

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