Steve Reich In The Afternoon 4

Blade Runner Alternative Soundtrack

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Show/sioe #4 comes courtesy of Bristol Dad who’s created an absolutely blinding alternative soundtrack to Blade Runner. Thanks for putting together this fantastic selection. If you’d like to contribute a playlist (usually 5 tracks on a theme, but the rules are there to be ignored) get in touch through Instagram.

“A few years ago I caught Zane Lowe’s re-scored soundtrack to Nicolas Winding Refn’s modern classic Drive. He stripped Cliff Martinez’s score and replaced it with tracks written especially for the BBC 3 production. Having not seen the original at the time I was left fairly nonplussed by the tracks by artists like 1975, Laura Mvula, Foals and Eric Prydz.”

“Fast forward to another Ryan Gosling film, and the news that one of the best modern composers Johann Johannsson has been dropped from Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack duties and replaced by Hans Zimmer. I was gutted and left wondering what Johannsson’s efforts might have been. If it was anything like the Arrival soundtrack it would have been totally mind blowing matched again with Denis Villeneuve’s visuals.”

“In the absence of Johannsson’s 2049 soundtrack I have built my own playlist using music that I feel does a good job of blowing the mind.”

Ital Tek – Adrift 
“The opening to Ital Tek’s sixth album really does set the scene, with Vangelis style pads and incredible futuristic pulses.”

“Dark, dystopian, heavy and fits perfectly with Ryan’s flight back to LAPD for debrief.”

Certain Creatures- Colour Me in
“Certain Creatures’ trippy techno paints a wonky picture which is a perfect fit to the replicant underworld house scene in 2049.”

Skee Mask – Hal Conv.
“So much emotion in this sub bass techno dreamscape!”

Lorenzo Senni – Canone Infinito
“Heart strings pulled when Wallace plays with Deckard and the 2049 Rachael. “Her eyes were green”.”

Brian Eno – Web
“I used to listen to this album growing up. Nerve Net has two versions of Web on it, both long driving tension building belters. This one would have worked well on the Sea Walls scene where Officer K rescues Deckard.”

Rival Consoles – Untravel
“Ryan Goslings’ “Tears in Rain” moment. Definitely Ryan Lee West’s most Bladerunnery thing he’s ever done.”

Johann Johannsson – Flight From The City
“Deckard meets Rachael. End Credits. A fitting end to what might have been.”

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