Steve Reich In The Afternoon 11

Climate Mix Hinsawdd, gan/by Cahn Ingold Prelog

I know we have a few other things to worry about at the moment, but why not take some time out from all that, to fret about environmental catastrophe intead, in the company of Cahn Ingold Prelog aka Simon Proffitt.

You can find Simon’s wonderful and occasionally frightening musical and sound world at Exotic Spresm and Amgueddfa Llwch. I particularly recommend Cerddoriaeth Ddefodol Gogledd Sir Benfro (Ritual Music of North Pembrokeshire).

  1. The Ink Spots – I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire
  2. The Honkies – How Do We Prevent The Advance Of The Desert?
  3. Hood – Collapsing Climate Soul
  4. The Serpents – And So The Ice Melts
  5. Trio Bulgarka – The Forest Is Crying
  6. Shuttle358 – Every Day I Worry
  7. Stilluppsteypa – We Sure Could Do With Some Extra Help
  8. Tim Hecker – Aerial Light-Pollution Orange
  9. Tony Kinsey – Industrial Environment
  10. Beaumont Hannant – Toxicity
  11. Ella Fitzgerald – Too Darn Hot
  12. Helden Marhaug Nordwall – When The Ice Is Leaving, Scandinavia Is Burning
  13. Kevin Drumm – Gradual Extinction
  14. Spaceships Over Deeside – The Melt
  15. Ice – The Flood
  16. Billie Holiday – Stormy Weather

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