Steve Reich In The Afternoon 16


My favourite city in the whole world, set to an intriguing soundtrack by the legendary Colvin Cruickshank – self proclaimed non-musician, ideas man and record collector, manager of Edinburgh College of Art music venue The Wee Red Bar for the last twenty years, reluctant leader of the group Snide Rhythms, one half of electronic double act Thinktank and host of a fortnightly radio show on local community radio station EHFM.

Gwrando/listen – Youtube

Scars – All About You
The promo video for ‘All About You’ by The Scars enables viewers to time travel back to ‘another cold day’ in Auld Reekie circa 1981, when this single was released. It features the band performing the song around Waverley Station, on a lorry at Leith Docks and creeping around The Crags culminating in a Clash of The Titans moonlight showdown on Calton Hill battling Medusa.

The Fall – Edinburgh Man
Released in 1991 on the Shift-Work LP, the pre-cog hip priest Mark E Smith laments his earlier time spent in fair Edina when he briefly felt the need to escape from his native Mad-chester. Here’s a brief walking tour interview taken from Granada Tonight in 1994 where M.E.S extolls the virtues of the city. After all these years I too can say “I’m an Edinburgh Man myself”.

Snide Rhythms  – Desert Legend
Shameless self promotion here with a track from our 2nd Difficult Album released back in 2014 and reviewed in the press as “the legacy of the Fast Product label lives on in the Capital”. High praise indeed.  French artist YDL takes to the Edinburgh skyline to document a trip across it’s rooftops where the bored workies dream of running away to join a cult of obsessive compulsive trainer hoarders.

Jesse Rae  – The Thistle
The kilted Borders funk warrior leads his clan down Princes Street brandishing his fiery claymore aloft with Edinburgh Castle looking resplendent in the background. Could there be a more Scottish image? I very much doubt any Risk Assesments or filming permits were signed prior to this video shoot. This is an unreleased mix of The Thistle produced by Roger Troutman of Zapp fame (yes that’s him playing the Yamaha DX7 on the back of the flatbed) and one of the many braw clips available to watch on Jesse’s You Tube channel. Like and subscribe och aye! 

Egebamyasi  – E.B.Y. Tune (Spaced Out)
Egebamyasi aka EBY or the eggcentric Mr. Egg fae Eggyburger, a veritable one man Acid Hoose band. This is the spaced oot version of one of his early tunes and a wee bit bambient (his genre not mine) in places. No visuals for this track so turn it up, close your eyes and imagine a smoke filled and strobe lit PURE or WAVE club night at Edinburgh Venue (R.I.P) where Egebamyasi would frequently play live and twist Roland TB303 basslines to melt the crowd.

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