Recordiau Safon Uchel | High Quality Recordings

High Quality Recordings / Recordiau Safon Uchel was an imaginary record label that existed from 2002 to 2008.

Gradually, the imaginary label started to become real as others bestowed cultural value on it through playing the music on the radio, and writing about it.

Over seven years the label released fifty musical ‘objects’ – proper albums, EPs and singles released on CD, mixes, videos, and radio sessions.

As well as being a label it was also an art project and a diary of my creative thought processes during that period of time.

The artists that appeared on the label were either me or my collaborations with others. They included The Sound of Silk, Inept DJs, Ill Informed, Meical/Ap Duw, Stabmaster Vinyl, Accidental, Odd, Les Idiots, NWALFCS, Blodyn Tatws, Ap Duw, Estron, DJ Dai Jones Llanilar, Seindorff, High Quality Recordings, Rerenaissance Of The Celtic Harp, TLLF & Stabmaster Vinyl.

A list of all fifty releases/objects/things

HQ50 Recordiau High Safon Quality Uchel Recordings
HQ49 Seindorff Sesiwn Radio 1 Bethan Elfyn
HQ48 High Quality Recordings Mixcs 2C
HQ47 Seindorff | Arvonia
HQ46 Series Cyfres | LP
HQ45 Rerenaissance Of The Celtic Harp
HQ44 Series Cyfres | 02
HQ43 Series Cyfres | 02
HQ42 Series Cyfres | 06
HQ41 Series Cyfres | 08
HQ40 Seindorff | EP
HQ39 High Quality Recordings Mixcs C2 Radio Cymru
HQ38 TLLF & Stabmaster Vinyl | EP
HQ37 Series Cyfres | 07
HQ36 Series Cyfres | 04
HQ35 Series Cyfres | 09
HQ34 Series Cyfres | 01
HQ33 High Quality Recordings Micxs for The British Council’s ‘Selector’ show
HQ32 DJ Dai Jones Llanilar Mics Radio Amgen Mix
HQ31 High Quality Recordings Live @ The Big Chill House
HQ30 The Soft, Smooth, Luxurious Sound Of High Quality Recordings
HQ29 [ Outgoing ]
HQ28 Stabmaster Vinyl Sesiwn Fyw Radio 1 One Music Live Session
HQ27 Stabmaster Vinyl | Strictly Bollocks
HQ26 DJ Dai Jones Llanilar Mics Radio Amgen Mix
HQ25 Estron | Y Crack Cymraeg
HQ24 Stabmaster Vinyl Sesiwn Radio 1 In Wales Session
HQ23 Stabmaster Vinyl | Masho Fe Lan Star
HQ22 Ap Duw | Llechi
HQ21 Ill Informed | Hip Hop: Our Part In Its Downfall
HQ20 Stabmaster Vinyl Sesiwn Radio 1 in Wales Session
HQ19 High Quality Recordings Mics Radio Wales Adam Walton Mix
HQ18 Stabmaster Vinyl | …And Then It Was Dark
HQ17 Stabmaster Vinyl | I Am
HQ16 Blodyn Tatws | Careless Music Costs Lives
HQ15 NWALFCS | Walk On
HQ14 Les Idiots | Le Sanglier
HQ13 For Demonstration Purposes Only
HQ12 Stabmaster Vinyl | Avant Garde Toss
HQ11 Ap Duw | Tooth Music
HQ10 Odd | The Element Of Surprise
HQ09 Inept DJs 2
HQ08 Accidental | Accidental
HQ07 Stabmaster Vinyl | Album
HQ06 Stabmaster Vinyl | Album
HQ05 Meical/Ap Duw | Cytbwys Ddiarheblyg Ar Y Naws Hudnosol
HQ04 Ill Informed | Music For Retards
HQ03 Inept DJs 1
HQ02 The Sound Of Silk | The Sound Of Silk
HQ01 Stabmaster Vinyl | Untitled