Location aware music

Channel Weather Symmetry (2012) is a soundwalk around the Bristol Channel, commissioned by Local Journeys & The National Trust and supported by the PRS for Music Foundation.

The soundwalk consists of abstract sound representations of the many fascinating stories to be found scattered around the landscape of Brean Down (North Somerset) and Rhossili (Gower, Wales), and through time – a mix of history, myth and semi-fiction.

This project used location aware GPS/smartphone technology to deliver sound to the listener as they moved around a landscape.

Mae’r taith gerdded hon yn cynnwys nifer o storiau hudol am Rhosili (Penrhyn Gwyr) a Brean Down (Gwlad Yr Haf), wedi eu cyfleu trwy cerddoriaeth a synnnau abstract – cymysgedd o hanes, myth a hanner-gwir.

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Unfortunately the Channel Weather Symmetry app isn’t currently available online, although the content has been archived.

‘Channel Weather Symmetry’ developed some of the ideas explored on Llechi (2005), whose tracks are named after OS grid references that refer to some of my favourite places in north west Wales. The idea is that you visit each one in turn and listen to the tracks ‘on location’.