Infinity (2010-ongoing) is an everchanging music and sound work that challenges the notion that a musical work is ever ‘finished’.

In the first era of recorded music (1950s – recently), a final version of music was captured (usually as a ‘single’ or ‘album’) which was then repeatedly copied onto a permanent physical medium such as vinyl or CD.

With a few exceptions, the new digital music industry has so far largely stuck to the traditional model of music production, in the form of streaming albums, EPs and singles.

The digital age has the potential to disrupt this approach. There is no physical product and therefore no setup and reproduction cost, digital recording tools are much cheaper and easier to learn, and over the past decade digital distribution has revolutionised the music industry.

Infinity seeks to explore and challenge this approach to making and presenting music.

Current version

There is currently no publicly-available version of Infinity.

No record is currently kept of previous versions of Infinity.