‘Ewropa’ consists of 27 tracks, one for each of the countries that will remain in the European Union once the UK has left.

Some of the tracks sound positive, others deeply melancholic, and some veer between hope and hopelessness within a few short minutes.

I’ve spent my life travelling to different places in Europe, and feel a deep affinity with Europe and the concept of being a European. I’ve lived in Sweden and Scotland, spent many happy holidays in France and Spain, and have at various times been obsessed with European arthouse movies and the continent’s cycling scene. My favourite country in the world is Belgium – beer, Tintin, football, techno, bikes, Jacques Brel… what’s not to like?

When the vote happened, like many creative people I felt strongly that I needed to respond to this historic occasion. The biggest emotion I felt wasn’t anger or hatred, but a profound sense of loss and of pensive sadness – that history is moving on, and is leaving me behind. There’s a nostalgic vibe to a lot of it.

Despite all the doom and gloom, I also see ‘Ewropa’ as a positive, uplifting album. A fuck you to all the people who want to leave Europe, because we can never leave it – we’re a part of it and always will be (and these days are physically connected to the rest of it via the channel tunnel). The rest of Europe is easier to get to now than it’s ever been. European influences are everywhere. We’ll always be European.


Dwi wedi treulio fy holl mywyd yn teithio i wahanol llefydd yn Ewrop, ac yn teimlo undod cryf ag Ewrop a’r cysyniad o fod yn Ewropeaidd. Dwi wedi byw yn Sweden a’r Alban, treulio nifer o wyliau hapus yn Ffrainc a Sbaen, a wedi bod yn obsessed efo ffilmiau arthouse Ewropeaidd a’r sîn rasio beics professiynol yn Ewrop. Fy hoff wlad yn y byd ydi Gwlad Belg – cwrw, Tintin, peldroed, tecno, beics, Jacques Brel…

Pan ddigwyddodd y bleidlais, fel nifer o bobol creadigol ro’n i’n teimlo’n gryf fod rhaid ymateb i’r achlysur hanesyddol hwn. Yr emosiwn mwya nes i deimlo oedd dim dicter na casineb, ond teimlad dwys o cholled a tristwch. Mae na vibe nostalgic i lot o’r albym yma.

Er y vibe trist, dwi hefyd yn gweld ‘Ewropa’ fel albym positif, cadarnhaol. Bys canol i’r holl bobol sydd eisiau ni adael Ewrop, oherwydd gallwn ni ddim gadael Ewrop rili – da ni’n rhan ohono a wedi bod erioed. Mae gweddill Ewrop yn haws cyrraedd nawr nag erioed. Mae dylanwadau Ewropeaidd ymhobman. Byddwn ni’n Ewropeaid am byth.

Celf clawr/Cover art ‘Thank EU’ gan/by artist-photographer David Morgan-Davies. Diolch Dave.