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e1000. electroneg 1000. 2010.
Orcop/Plyci/Geraint Ffrancon/Quinoline Yellow/Acid Casuals/Cloud4mations/The Hidden Persuader/Y Pencadlys/Squawk/Zwolf/DD Denham/PSI/Crash.Disco!/ORCH400/Islet/Tidal Barrage/Frank Naughton/Evils

e666. electroneg 666. 2011.
Guinnungapap/The Taxidermist/The Hidden Persuader/Crevasses/Location Baked/Evils/Pinky Marvin/Orcop/Mr Pelham/ORCH500/Black Stepdad/Vorhaus/Geraint Ffrancon/Llyn Y Cwn/Cadi Ha/Antoni Maiovvi

666 is the darkest, weirdest and most frightening collection of music ever committed to hard-drive: think Goblin, the cover of Black Sabbath’s first album, Wendy Carlos, the Woman in Black, the Wicker Man soundtrack, György Ligeti, the Diabolus in Musica, Whitehouse, and our Lord and Master Aleister Crowley.

666 is an absorbing and unsettling collection of beats, soundscapes, noise, and instruments of horror and torture (although not the panpipes). It scared the hell out of us as we were compiling it.