Cycling music

Music for cycling through a dark tunnel

Cycling charity Sustrans have done a lot of incredible things, but top of the list has to be the Two Tunnels cycle route in Bath. It goes through, yes, two disused railway tunnels, one of which is so long that at times you will begin to wonder if you’re ever going to get out the other end (it’s actually about a mile long).

As if this incredible experience isn’t enough in itself, as you cycle along you will find yourself passing through a subtle but strikingly original music and light show, provided by United Visual Artists in collaboration with Warp recording artist Mira Calix.

This is an installation called Passage, consisting of interactive orbs that pulsate with light and sound as you cycle past. The music is vaguely modern classical in nature, which is all very middle-class Bath/Sustrans – but then I can’t imagine chart R&B or hip hop would work as well, and would probably result in lots of glue sniffing yoot hanging out in the tunnels, which is not what Sustrans or the local council would want at all.

That aside, Passage is a great work. The light and sound complement each other, creating a surprising and intriguing atmosphere to ride (or run, or walk) through. If you haven’t been yet, put it on top of your list.

Cycling music

Kraftwerk at Manchester Velodrome

You won’t find anything more Cycling+Music than this – Kraftwerk at Manchester Velodrome back in 2009, playing tracks from the ‘Tour de France Soundtracks’ album.

And those aren’t just any old cyclists doing laps of the velodrome as Kraftwerk play – it’s the British Olympic Team! Ed Clancy, Jason Kenny, Jamie Staff and Geraint Thomas.

Thomas went on to win the Tour de France nine years later, and I think we can all agree that this is where it all started.

Cycling music

Cycling Music Etape. 1

At the intersection of Music and Cycling, there exists a thing called Cycling Music.

1 Tour de France – Kraftwerk
2 Galibier – MJ Cole
3 Ventoux – Kamera
4 Tour de France – Telex
5 My White Bicycle – Tomorrow
6 Bicycle – Memory Tapes
7 Happy Cycling – Boards Of Canada
8 Bike – Pink Floyd
9 Bike(Sid Sings Syd) – Fortran 5
10 Beatles v Kraftwerk – Soulwax
11 Ventoux – Tim Hecker
12 Extremadura – Greg Merckx
13 Bicycle Riders (Harps of the Ancient Temples) – Vangelis

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