Cycling music

Cycling Music Etape. 1

At the intersection of Music and Cycling, there exists a thing called Cycling Music.

1 Tour de France – Kraftwerk
2 Galibier – MJ Cole
3 Ventoux – Kamera
4 Tour de France – Telex
5 My White Bicycle – Tomorrow
6 Bicycle – Memory Tapes
7 Happy Cycling – Boards Of Canada
8 Bike – Pink Floyd
9 Bike(Sid Sings Syd) – Fortran 5
10 Beatles v Kraftwerk – Soulwax
11 Ventoux – Tim Hecker
12 Extremadura – Greg Merckx
13 Bicycle Riders (Harps of the Ancient Temples) – Vangelis

If there’s anything cycling music-related you think should be featured in this blog, however obscure, get in touch with me on Twitter or Instagram.

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